Sunday, August 5, 2012


John Cullum describes rehearsing the benefit for SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK. It was $1,500 a ticket, and included a reading of "Romeo and Juliet," --with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline playing the star-crossed lovers, and an amazing all star cast playing various roles, including bit parts.

John knew everyone in the cast, mostly from projects they'd worked on together -- it was old home week, with Sam Waterson, Phylicia Rashad, Jerry Stiller, Christopher Walken, F. Murray Abraham, Stacey Keach, and Kevin.

When he wasn't rehearsing, John, (playing "Capulet"), had many quick, but intense conversations. Other actors seemed to be oddly insecure, joking about no longer getting hired for starring roles, wondering "am I as good as I used to be?"


Marta Szabo said...

Ok, this is the 3rd one I've watched and I am pretty much hooked. Love the questions Em asks and the thoughtful, experienced answers from John. These are great conversations that no one else is having, publicly anyway! Thank you!

Marta Szabo said...

I love these conversations -- the questions Em asks and the thoughtful, experienced answers from John. I enjoy getting to know you both. After watching 3 of these, it has become something to look forward to.

Marta Szabo said...

oops, i sent more or less the same comment twice -- bc I didn't see my first one when I came back to check. Now I see they go to you first -- sorry to flood you! m

Barbara Ellen Brink said...

Thanks for the entertaining video, Emily. I enjoyed it. I feel a little faded myself so I've got to write all these novels I've got in me while I can:)
I also loved your husband in Northern Exposure. It was one of my favorite shows.

Barbara Mead said...

Fading? Nah. An influential role or craft from earlier endeavors trumps a pop-culture flavor-of-the-week. Thanks for the humorous, thought-provoking & inspiring performances.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog today! I laughed and smiled alot during John and you discussing Romero and Juliet in the park and the topic of fading fame. John was and is a very strong, talented, and likable actor and I can see many more years of starring roles for him. You both are so cute about the giant size shampoo! kam

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