Saturday, August 25, 2012


"How am I going to sell my six e-novels!" Em moans.

How to promote herself as a writer nags at Emily Frankel, who remembers, all too well, when they produced their own show on Broadway, in NYC.

The Cullums recall their venture at the Alvin Theater -- four Sundays and a Monday. The show, "Kings." consisted of "Oedipus," adapted and performed by John and a dozen actors; "Medea,"choreographed by Norman Walker, and performed by Emily and trio of other dancers; "Theseus and Hippolyta," a duet which John Cullum and Emily Frankel performed together -- it was dance drama written by Emily, based on Mary Renault's book about Theseus, "Bull From The Sea.".

The memories of selling tickets for "Kings" haunt Emily, but John Cullum's passionate, unwavering support of her work as a writer, perks her up.

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