Saturday, September 22, 2012


Like “HAMLET, Shakespeare’s KING LEAR seems to be a role that established “name” actors want to play.

Emily, who did an adaptation of this tragedy, modernizing the language, wonders what John’s thoughts are about it now -- it was a version of the play that John liked, but didn’t want to do.

John Cullum recalls how his passion and devotion for Shakespeare kept winning him wonderful jobs, important roles in theater. television, as well as musical comedy, in Knoxville, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

He directed KING LEAR in Seattle, while he was playing “Holling the Bartender, in the television series, NORTHERN EXPOSURE.

He was ready to perform KING LEAR in San Francisco, and in Scranton, but Broadway commitments got in the way. John performs a small section of one of Lear’s famous speeches for Emily -- yes, it’s still a role he wants to play -- not in the Frankel version -- John Cullum wants to play the king in William Shakespeare’s TRAGEDY OF KING LEAR.

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