Thursday, January 24, 2013


Artist Jeffrey "Jeff"  Koons -- if you haven't heard of him, you're hearing now. 

He's everywhere -- name-drop the major, most prestigious museums in the world, they've displayed his "Balloon Dog," (reproductions in stainless steel), his gigantic "Popeye" and "Hulk," (in wood and bronze); also his paintings and his "Michael Jackson" sculpture in porcelain and gold.

Koons' "Tulips" (stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces) was sold for a record-breaking $33, 682,5000 at Christie's, this past November. 

The 57-year-old artist, from York, Pennsyvlania, is heralded by some critics as a pioneer. Others dismiss his work as crass kitsch. A recent NY Times article on Koons quoted a famous art critic, who called Koons' art -- "cat excrement."

Gee whiz, eek, is my instinctive reaction to the dogs, and tulips, to the fact that he has as a studio in NYC with 90 assistants, (yep, 90 helpers), who create sale-able reproductions of Koons' works, using paint-by-the-numbers techniques.

Yep, art lovers love 'em, buy 'em, but I'm not an art critic. I'm reacting to what I feel, and don't like about Koons' York, PA mentality. It's prejudice based on my growing up years in Harrisburg, PA, with kids like Jeff, noting from class reunion letters what they aren't and ARE -- for many of them, money is God, is status, the true measure of success -- the most important thing in life.

Okay, Koons is representing something about today's world and culture, but gee, the miles, the worlds apart, the head-shaking difference between Koons and Matisse.

Why Matisse? Well, a Matisse painting was accidentally (or purposely) displayed near another article on Jeff K.I don't know why some things don't move me, and other things, like this does.
Luxe, Calme et Volupté

Here's Jeff Koons, talking about his work.   

Maybe  it's just a cup of tea sort of thing  that I tried to explain a while back in this blog -- if you have time, click and visit --  Picasso, Matisse, and Tim Burton
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