Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's a sudden, sharp localized pain when:

     You see a cop car in your rear-view mirror, and  you're doing 60 in a 50 zone.  

     A muscle you haven't been using suddenly hurts.

     Somebody tries to help you climb up a step, implying that you're  elderly.

     Your name is not on a list where you thought, for sure, you belonged. 

It's a brief sharp pang of emotion, when:

     EEK A sock (it's your favorite pair) suddenly  has a hole in the toe.  OUCH Your accountant says it's time to work on your taxes.  YIKES The letter from your landlord declares he's raising the rent. OH NO, NO! Some beloved. big name somebody is suddenly dead.

What do you do -- how do you handle it -- how do you shake off the fear, dread, or the heavy-duty depression?

If a muscle hurts, USE IT.  If  you are insulted, LAUGH out loud, for 10 seconds.  If it's bad news, BLABBER all the cuss words you can think of.

If you're all of a sudden remembering old heartbreaks, losses, disasters, and major old wounds are festering -- SING:  

"Pain pain go away,
"Like rain, come back another day,
"Up a ladder down a tree,
"I'm me,
"I'm free!"
      (crescendo, fortissimo)
"Gee I can mend,
"I can end a twinge that's on the fringe of un real --

Hey -- when stabbed through the heart say OUCH -- in English, Jewish, Pig Latin, Esperanto; or Spanish, and it will vanish.
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