Sunday, February 17, 2013


Emily Frankel moans, and John Cullum laughs, as they recall how their son, JD, took over both floors of their home during his Christmas visit with them.

Using the futon cot that's in Em's studio theater, JD made himself a bed on the floor of the dance area. With all his things -- clothes, guitar, his phone, laptop, books, shoes -- spread out everywhere, it' became his hotel room.

Emily had to tiptoe into the studio, with a flashlight to do her early morning exercises (he slept till 11 a.m.). Doing her dance-workout, later in the day, or she found the mess seriously distracting. 

Preparing meals with the refrigerator, cabinets, and table-tops jammed with special health food JD bought, was frustrating  for Em, who's normally an speedy efficient cook.

Em admits that she wished he'd leave early. Though the Cullum family had a few loving, interesting conversations, son JD's life style is no longer compatible with Mom's and Dad's.

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