Friday, March 1, 2013


Will it be another year when American democracy -- government for the people by the people -- will be stuck?

Will we be chanting, raving and ranting again over last year's litany -- debt ceiling, size of government, Obamacare, immigrants, voter rights, unemployment, environment -- again, and again, on that fiscal cliff?

Okay, tears come to my eyes because ... because I'm worried, because I'm saddened, remembering better days --yeah, sure -- probably because I was younger and ideals seemed IDEAL-ER than they do now. Anyhow, tears means I'm feeling sorry for myself -- sorry that we're into the new year, and so many things that I love -- that give me pride, make me utterly American -- oh my God -- there are so many wonderful things about America that are stymied, disappeared, no longer the law or the passionate belief of my neighbors, the millions of Americans, who I thought were like me.

Okay. I'll stand up straight and tall and sing this with you -- sing it very, very, very loudly.


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