Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sarah Palin is gone, her show on Fox news is over.

Here's what was said on WABC news.

I've written more than a dozen posts about what I dislike about her, and what I admire about her looks and manner. I am definitely not a Palin fan. I'm from the other side of the fence -- the other side of  the town of America The Beautiful.

In recent photos, she looks a little older and heavier -- am I going to get gleeful about that?  NO, but I read an interesting article that expresses what I'm sort of thinking.

WABC reporter, Shushannah Walshe, in "Reporter's Handbook," said: 
       "One thing I've learned in my years covering Palin, which began on Aug. 29, 2008, when Sen. John McCain selected her... she can get clicks and coverage like no one else.

       "There have been so many "ends of Sarah Palin" that it's almost too hard to keep track of them all. She was over when she lost the 2008 campaign, she was over when she quit the Alaska governorship, she was over when she decided to do a reality show, she was over when she decided not to run for president, and now again, she's over because her appearances on Fox News are over."

Shushannah Walshe,  the co-author of "Sarah From Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar," points out that Palin's been written off again and again, but like a boomerang, she keeps coming back.

The wonderful look of Sarah P -- eyes, nose, mouth so perfectly set in her face, those  great legs and neatly attractive, average-female proportions -- she's a sexy, graceful, charming woman who seems to embody femininity.

I think Sarah Palin's a grown-up Miss America/Miss USA -- not a contest winner -- but a winner nevertheless. Sure, her weight goes up and down; she isn't always dressed perfectly, and yes, sometimes she says the wrong thing, but even so, she carries herself with confidence. 

Oh yes, yes indeed, she's thoroughly knowledgeable, self-trained, by now it's instinctive --she KNOWS how to present her assets. 

Very aware of her audience, her voice fills the room in a right way -- never too loud, or over-bearing. Conveying I see you, I'm like you, I understand you, with her spur of the moment remarks, she reaches out to us as if we're real friends. And of course, we laugh, smile back and connect with her.

Yes, with the poise and almost sublime confidence that a Miss America has, Palin articulates ideas from the book of Miss America philosophies -- a book chock-full of what everyone says -- everyone agrees -- is good for others. 

It's makes me feel sputtery, ragged. I think it is just what we don't need more of.

Yowie -- that's what worries me about Sarah Palin -- millions of people love what Miss America/Miss USA offers us.

Well, fingers-crossed, eyes skyward, looking out for wham-bamming boomerangs, I am praying (and I'm an agnostic), we won't be dealing Palin for President in 2016.
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