Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is a very tricky subject. I don't want to offend my gay friends or straight friends, males or females.

This Time Magzine cover made me very uncomfortable.

I looked at it for a second or two.  I looked away quickly and guiltily.

I thought "Yay for the Gay Marriage " -- glad that Time declared it had already won. In my mind there is no question that gay marriage is liberty and justice for all in America and the rest of world. 

Turn back the clock, and remember how people used to stare at black and white couples walking down the street, who were holding hands, or looking at each other adoringly.

Yes, back then, I stared at black and white couples. Also, I personally experienced being stared at as I walked down the street with Clay, a very dear guy -- black, tall, very handsome -- he was a dancer in my Dance Drama Company, and especially helpful to me as an artist.

I am sure, as time passes, two men kissing (or women kissing) won't be noticed or perturbing, or make straight men or straight women uncomfortable.or uneasy. 

Two women kissing passionately -- well, we've seen that in movies, in photos -- it's joked about and thought of as sexy-arousing, so we just look -- and like, dislike, or feel ho-hum based on what's depicted. But two men kissing passionately, romantically -- I don't remember seeing two men kissing passionately, romantically.

So liberal, liberated Em, even with a show business background was discomfited by the men kissing. Saying it, stating it, admitting it tells you what you (perhaps) already know. We need to see it, and adjust to seeing it, see it often enough so that men kissing is nice to see -- like it's nice to see lovers enjoying together.

But in case you too, are discomfited, I'm sharing my instinctive reaction -- a something or other sort of cringe.
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