Saturday, April 20, 2013


Em insists that  John Cullum share with their audience, what has been bugging him when they watch television. .

The current, latest new batch of commercials that shows children disrespecting their parents upsets John -- even as he's describing how the kids have learned to cheat, lie, and actually punch Mom and Dad. 

Discussing this trend, John Cullum and Em wonder if it has to do with what everyone learned from watching last year's election campaigns.


LouV said...

Agree that commercial about the dad lying to his daughter has struck an uncomfortable chord with me since I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

Great evil ad blog! Lol! I enjoyed John's description of the ads and how deceptive they are to the public. I have seen some also and don't like them nor will I buy the product they are selling. thanks for posting. kam

Marcus Dandaneau said...

In the late seventies one of my friends and a mentor; (L.H. Mott),suggested that Ethics should be taught to children starting in Kindergarten.

Carola said...

I was going to say that I thought the evil ads were the ones that sold junk food and sugar to children, or the ones that put up exaggerated gender models: babes and bimbos for women and super macho men. But I couldn't think of any blatant examples: have these kinds of ads died down?

Julie Carriker said...

I agree with you 100%!!! HOW can we expect children to grow up and behave the way they should, when they see such examples. The advertizing people seem to think all this is "funny," but it's not, it's just destructive. And you've got it right, John: the best way we can show we don't like it is by NOT buying those products!

I also really like John's whole take on politics/government being the way it is today, because PEOPLE have made it so. BRILLIANT! I hope ENOUGH of us are indeed having a change of heart, so things WILL CHANGE!

As usual, WONDERFUL blog! LOVE you guys! <3

Constance Masters said...

LOved this post Em and John.While we have different ads out here in Australia they can be just as bad. It amazes me that people are happy for their children to learn the alphabet and number and other languages even from the television but don’t realise that they are also sucking up the bad stuff as well. It isn’t just the ads. Some of the programs that are geared to children are terrible. The kids have no respect for adults at all. By allowing them to watch we are saying to them that that’s ok.

Mary Russell said...

Any video blog that has some John Cullum singing is always a bonus. :)

Some very interesting comments about the ads. I don't see the same ones over here and, to be honest, usually skip over them. But it's not a nice development if children are being shown that, in order to get what you want, you have to be deceitful. Hopefully, parents instil them with good values to know that this is not the case.

Maureen Jacobs said...

To me, a commercial is about getting the audience to remember the product name. Not to sell it, not to display great acting, just to get you to remember the product. The commercial can be annoying, funny, creative, stupid....but memorable. I tell my kids that what is going on IRL (in real life) is much more exciting then commercials. They now have fun mimicking some of the more annoying ones, regardless if the product works or not. So the advertisers always succeed. Someone, somewhere, will find that one commercial that stays with them ad nauseum.

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