Friday, May 10, 2013


It's a nightmare -- jailed for four years, finally set free, and now this 25-year old girl must return to Italy and be on trial again for murder -- what would I do if I were Amanda?

She can't run and hide, change her name, her looks, and disappear. That she's got a book to sell right now is oddly, I thInk, wrong timing. The thought crosses my mind that the book keeps her name hot -- keeps her crime, her dilemma big news. Amanda Knox will make a lot of money because of the re-trial. The bad news about this, is also good news for author Amanda.

Her guilt or utter innocence in the death of her roommate (I remember the victim's name was Kercher, and the sexual implications of the way the girl was murdered) -- all that is still in my mind. Oh yes, I have read, nodded, agreed with reliable sources that prove that Amanda is innocent, but the media's huge, full-blown, detailed, repetitious focus on what happened keeps this crime very vivid, very real.

Do I think she was (is) in some way involved in the murder? 

No, but I wonder again what I wondered about before -- why she and the boy (also tried and jailed for the murder) were kissing, celebrating -- the loving sexual overtones in the "kiss" photos that were taken the day after the murder. It made me uneasy -- that so soon after the murder, they were so involved with their feelings for each other. And there were other photos that bothered me -- expressions on her face, in her eyes, the tilt of her head -- her general demeanor -- that suggested a capacity for lust? evil?  There's an I come first, I get what I want element in her that I've seen. Could it transform an otherwise very intelligent, creative, young girl into a murderess?

Oh no!  Oh yes!  Yes -- it's possible.

I hope Amanda and her family and lawyers and her connections can somehow change the ruling of the Italian courts that demand she return for another trial. I don't know how she's managing to handle what's hanging over her now -- returning to a foreign country -- speaking their language -- convincing a jury again that she is innocent.

Maybe, because I couldn't handle it -- because I am amazed at her courage, I am packing up my questions, my uneasy feelings about how and why she was involved in the murder of her roommate. I'm.just airing my thoughts, because ... because if I'm thinking them, I know other people think them too.  

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