Saturday, May 18, 2013


Do the Cullums, John Cullum and Emily Frankel argue?  Have serious clashes? Angrily disagree?

Yes. Just about every issue in their lives gets them arguing--disagreeing--. sometimes angrily, but more often with passionate conviction.   

John says Em wins the arguments but Em is certain that they both win--she absorbs his point of view and he realizes her point of view is more practical.


RCToyPalace said...

Thanks, Em. In my opinion, this is not arguing, if you are listening to each other :) This is debating. In my world, arguments are definitely disagreements, but no one is listening to the other.

slicker said...

I think a true relationship can never remain healthy without a good argument now and then.

Linda Phillips said...

If only all marriages were as loving as yours. Even your arguments seem so insignificant. No grudges. No hostility. Always over without lasting bitterness of any kind.

Carola said...

We disagree and we bicker--two different phenomena. But about automatic typewriters: In our office we bought automatic Brother typewriters. They didn't cost $10,000 but they weren't cheap. They had 3 line display screens and you could correct those 3 lines before they printed. Next was Wang word processors - which were fantastic, but soon obsolete. THEY were expensive.

Maureen Jacobs said...

I call it civil discourse. Perhaps that is when we learn the most. Life is too short to not evolve. Debate fuels our souls.

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