Saturday, June 29, 2013


Emily explains why John wrote a poem for her, and how the poem is used.

John Cullum reads the four verses he wrote for Emily Frankel's choreography of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."


Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Very nice :-)

Linda Phillips said...

What a magnificent poem that is. And what a marvelous gift that John gave you Em.

Not only is he one of the countries finest actors, but he is also an extremely talented writer.

BTW, in one of my theatre groups on Facebook, the topic the other night was John Cullum and what an amazing actor he is. They all agreed that he is one of the finest actors ever.

Anonymous said...

Wonderous poem that John wrote for you Em. I could envision you dancing as he read it and the entire thing was beautiful. Not only is John a great actor he is also a brilliant poet. Thanks for sharing. kam

slicker said...

"... and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that is old!" My favorite line. Beautiful! Thanks John and Em.

Julie Carriker said...

WOW!!! This poem is simply beautiful, John! And it perfectly expresses the way the two of you complement each other--John was inspired by your dancing, EM, so he writes a poem which inspires you as you dance. Thank you so much for sharing something so precious and personal.

Carola said...

As John recites the music, I can hear the Vivaldi music and visualize Emily dancing.

Anonymous said...

Oh My what lovely words. This poem was deep, it had such wonderful meaning. I could see every word come to life in my head. However this poem was really good.
Now back to Em and John two lovely people who I have come to admire. I love how John read the poem and then looked at you, Em.
Now if that is not love then what is? You two simply have a wonderful and deep love for one another and that is what I admire more then anything.
You have made my day a little brighter John with your poem. I was feeling down in the dumps and I came inside and looked you all up to see if Em had a new blog for me to read. Yep she did. It lifted up my dragging spirit. I sure needed that for sure. Em thanks for letting John share it for us. I think it was meant for me to watch this today. It reminded me of something. I was a bit low today, down in a valley of dry bones so to speak. The poem sprinkled love and hope within. Thanks!
Jan, from KY.

Anonymous said...

Em, one more thing, I love how John leans over and give you that sweet kiss on your blessed forehead.
You all are simply my favorite two people I have met on social networking.
Gee you all I would love to meet you, but as long as I can write on your blogs and see your faces it will have to do. Hugs and kisses to you both...

Maria said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. The poem is absolutely lovely and I only wish I could see the dance. xoxo

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