Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Are you part of the new younger generation?

Are you focused on YOU -- how you feel, what you're going to do today, what you're going to wear -- what you want, where you're heading, what you think, like, love, approve of?

From my couch, where older-wiser folks who are on their way out of the world, (like me), can lean back against the pillows and observe the kids, I see it's the pattern. We were center stage -- used to be -- and now we've been upstaged, crowded out into the wings (the offstage areas) because all the newbies, those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, fast-brained kiddies are entering and centering themselves.

Yes, I think in "theater" terms. I was sure, when I was a newbie, that my ideas were new, fresh, fascinating, unique -- no one was thinking of doing what I was doing. I was sure that when what you're doing is new, it's truly exciting, and people will pay money to see it -- at the very least -- they'll pay attention.

Back in those days, I thought new music needed to be louder. I made passionate pronouncements about current events, inventing phases, combining baby talk and French or Yiddish words. Of course, I wore outlandish outfits -- weird things around my neck and wrists as if they were  jewelry. I wore capes -- full-length swirling, flowing capes --  even got my husband to wear them. 

Nowadays, I complain: New music is too loud; new behavior is often crude and silly sexy in an effort to be sexy. I find much of the current lingo, like cray, swaggy, derp, just boring, nonsensical -- good slang is essential if you want to be groovy, cool, or with it.  

Does groovy, cool, with it date me?  Well, the new crop of kids are no more me-me-me than I was. I know I'm on the way to the top of the hill -- to the tip-top place where going up is actually going down.

Yep, I'm there along with pals, peers, tweet followers, FB and real-life friends. We are just doing what we have to do in order to feel vital, important, -- pooh poohing, pitying, and putting down the younger generation.

That's all. We're proudly right on with it, 


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