Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Watching news about Yahoo growing, I'm back at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, watching a performance of "Babar the Elephant," that I staged with a orchestra and cast in cardboard elephant outfits, using my husband, John Cullum, as the "Ringmaster."

Using a vacuum we brought from home, John blew up a weather balloon on stage -- it went from being pancake flat to a four foot, to an eight foot, then a ten foot, twelve foot, fifteen foot monster white ball -- oh my, what a sight! And with a gentle push -- John launched the giant balloon out into the sold out house where the children and their parents ooh-ed and ahh-ed!

What a moment -- it floated -- would it fall -- would it land in the balcony or hit the chandelier -- it was riveting, thrilling, spectacular, till if finally nested on the ceiling.

That's what I feel when I read about Yahoo buying TUMBLR, an ever-expanding social media Website with 111 million bloggers, lots of users under 25, with tag-able porn, often 75.8 million posts on its pages each day.

Oh Lordy me oh my, why oh why do we need another social network -- plus the other guys that Yahoo's courting for a merger -- PINTEREST where you pin info and photos on a scrollable wall; SNAPCHAT where you can share pix, vids, text that self-destructs after 10 seconds, SOUNDCLOUD where musicians play their creations, find backers, and listeners; WAZE -- driver's navigation land for routes and traffic reports; DROP BOX where you can put anything from any device that can be viewed.

Will Yahoo shove over -- yikes -- Facebookery likes, or Google's kit and caboodle, while Yahoo's  intertwining, combining, controlling, patrolling, directing, protecting, infecting the ooh-and-ahhing me and thee, as it as sails out over the whole world?

Dear God, please -- JEEZ -- I'm on my hands and knees like the guy in this video.

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