Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I came across this film clip. It hit me, touched me.

Every day I'm ruffled, peeved, angry, yes, and pained because of what we -- we the people -- are doing to President Barack Obama -- praising him, putting him down, saying we like him, but he's failing, because all those things he passionately wants to do for us, he can't do.

The Republicans/Tea Partiers (whatever you call them), are committed to stopping him, and they're doing it -- stopping him, fencing him in, making certain that whatever he mentions as urgent will not be helped, or fixed.

Do I think it's race prejudice? Yes, and reverberations from the pre-election days when Romney was buying himself the candidacy, and yes, yes, even as I put Romney down, I sneer at my thoughts that make me one more prejudiced person who's absolutely certain I'm right, the other guys are wrong. 

This clip is from a 2010 benefit for "Friends of the Environment," a group from Abaco, Bahamas, that's been raising money since 1988, to improve the fragile environment of the Abaco Islands.

I never heard of "Friends of the Environment," and we don't get to hear each of the well-known participants, but oh, what marvelous performers -- they lifted me out of my negative feelings -- what they sang continues to ring and sing in my mind and lift me up.


Julie Carriker said...

This is beautiful! Isn't it amazing how so often you happen to come across the thing you most need to see? It's VERY hard during these times--but honestly, I guess ALL times are like this, if we stop to think about it--to focus on the positive, and we often find ourselves falling into the hole of dispair, but there is inspiration all around us, if we can just SEE it.

And me, being the pollyanna that I am, DO think everything will be all right. :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, Em, and I'm glad it's made you feel better. <3

Stan said...

You have said so much in so few words. Our world can continue to be wonderful if we could only overcome old prejudices kept alive by the ignorant and ill-willed. It is a difficult thing we face, but like a tug-a-war we all must pull together. Do I see things changing? No. But I spring with hope eternal. Thanks for the article Em

Linda Phillips said...

Delightful and uplifting. Thanks Em!

Anonymous said...

Great blog Em! Seeing this video lifts my spirits and makes me smile inside and out. Thanks for sharing and bringing sunlight through the windows of our day! kam

Nerissa said...

Thank you for sharing this inspirational message.

And another thing to consider...

Some people only want things to succeed on THEIR terms. If success can't be on THEIR terms, they want to see it fail. They don't admit that's how they feel but it's pretty obvious by lookin' at their actions. I might blog 'bout that sometime...

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