Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I came across this film clip. It hit me, touched me.

Every day I'm ruffled, peeved, angry, yes, and pained because of what we -- we the people -- are doing to President Barack Obama -- praising him, putting him down, saying we like him, but he's failing, because all those things he passionately wants to do for us, he can't do.

The Republicans/Tea Partiers (whatever you call them), are committed to stopping him, and they're doing it -- stopping him, fencing him in, making certain that whatever he mentions as urgent will not be helped, or fixed.

Do I think it's race prejudice? Yes, and reverberations from the pre-election days when Romney was buying himself the candidacy, and yes, yes, even as I put Romney down, I sneer at my thoughts that make me one more prejudiced person who's absolutely certain I'm right, the other guys are wrong. 

This clip is from a 2010 benefit for "Friends of the Environment," a group from Abaco, Bahamas, that's been raising money since 1988, to improve the fragile environment of the Abaco Islands.

I never heard of "Friends of the Environment," and we don't get to hear each of the well-known participants, but oh, what marvelous performers -- they lifted me out of my negative feelings -- what they sang continues to ring and sing in my mind and lift me up.

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