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Miley Cyrus said those words after her latest video, "We Can't Stop," was released in June, and panned by most of the critics.

In case you don't know who Miley Cyrus is -- she was on the Disney Channel, an enormous hit as a 15-year-old pretending to be Hannah Montana, a pop singer celebrity.

When I wrote about Miley in 2011, after she won a huge award, I included a film clip of her with a couple of fans. The way she said "duh" and "awesome" -- her tone of voice -- it rings in my mind. unpleasantly.

... Fame, fame  -- like rain, rain go away, come back again another day ...

Time marches on, but it doesn't march these days in 4/4 time. In the digital, super-tech world of now, it ticks away too fast to count.

After wining more than 79 awards, ranked number 13 on Forbes "Celebrity 100," listed in "Guinness World Records," Miley Cyrus has nine top 10 hits, and offers from the top major agencies who are anxious to handle her, so quite logically, Miley is focused on being a number oner, in the club with Lady Gaga, Britney, and Madonna.

The press agent who helped Britney, after her breakdown, recover her fame and glory, is now working for Miley.

What we've got right now is Miley making a sensation at the recent MTV 2013 awards -- we've got Miley's tongue -- Miley twerking -- Miley wearing a phallic glove with an huge finger at her crotch, on her crotch on someone else's crotch. (Twerking is bending over, wiggling, jiggling your butt.)

Hey, I remember shocking, embarrassing doings by Gaga, Britney, and Madonna. Britney had the paparazzi following her into the bathroom; Gaga, with her not great dancing and not great voice, has worn stupendously outrageous outfits; Madonna obscenely sucked coke bottles, and continues to make sure we know with whom she's sleeping.

If you haven't seen "We Can't Stop," take a look. I don't think it does much for Miley's talent quotient, but Parade Magazine predicts she'll be a billionaire by next year.

I saw Miley perform just the other day on the "Ellen Show." Watching it, though her hair is cut and she's wearing an edgy outfit, I still see the same pretty girl who said "duh" and "awesome" to her fans.

Hey, maybe, when she's heading over the hill to the advanced age of 25, she'll mellow and be ready to join the Gaga-Britney-Madonna club. Right now, I think she too busy trying to be famous

... fame, fame, like a flame, feed it, fan it -- your name ignites....

Here is Miley with Ellen.
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