Sunday, January 26, 2014


Why do actors drink? Em asks.

Though John is now a teetotaler, drinking with friends -- schomoozing and boozing with Richard Burton and George C. Scott -- taught him what fun it is, and how dangerous it can be.

John explains that every audition, every new job, means an actor has to prove himself again and again -- fear is why actors drink.


Alan Sader said...

I am Alan Sader. Some 25+ years ago John portrayed Patrick Henry in a Short film "Worth Fighting For." I was his political ally George Mason in this short film about Virginia's Ratification of the U.S. Constitution which was shot in Colonial Williamsburg. One evening after shooting at one of the historic Taverns during the day we returned there for dinner. Somehow a glass of wine was set before John. I saw the conflict (or so I read it) in his face as he eyed the white wine. I knew John was in recovery and not drinking so as I reached across the table to remove the glass he thanked me. We talked about the constant struggle a person in recovery can have on almost a daily basis. John's portrayal of Patrick Henry was wonderfully "on the edge". It was a great pleasure to work and "drink" with him.

Melba Larose said...

Thank you, John, for your honesty. I am an old-timer in AA (I won't say how many years because I can't possibly be that old) and my husband just sobered up after a seizure. He really appreciated your video! And thanks, Em!

mikeslickster said...

Wonderful and insightful. Thanks.

Carola said...

Hats off to you John, for staying off alcohol for so many years.

steve w said...

Not just for actors... A lot of fear going around everywhere.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

There's plenty of drinking in the literary community, journalism community, and backpacking community, too. The reasons are probably similar. I suspect everyone faces moments when fear, ego, and social pressures can combine to get the best of them. I'm lucky I don't an addictive personality, because the temptations have been many but alcohol never had a hold on me. However, alcohol used to play an unfortunate role in my relationships. I read about a study that said the gene for adventurousness is connected to the gene for addiction, and I do love me some adventurous people.

Pete in Montana said...

Boozers are in all professions, not just actors or artists. In my former profession as an Airline Pilot, I saw many of my coworkers drinking way too much on layovers. I was guilty of overdoing it occasionally too.That kind of behavior was tolerated for many years, until programs were put in place to help those individuals who were unable to tame their addiction. If you said you needed help, you got it, without fear of being terminated.
We were evaluated constantly on our "performance"as you were. Again, that's not unique to the acting profession, and is a poor excuse to habitually get drunk. Anyway, I do enjoy cocktails on weekends, but do not overdo it. I'll have a few Alaskan Ambers while hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend, but I don't have to drive home.
GO BRONCOS !!! See Ya.

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