Friday, February 7, 2014


Here we are, we  -- babies, toddlers, youngsters, couples, families, parents, grandparents --  who love TV.

Numbers tell us TV is being watched, more than ever. Numbers guide the producers of TV news. and programming, in their planning.

Hey, I don't need numbers. I see violence in various forms all day and night long -- in between ads made by creative guys who have probably grown up on violence.

It gets us riveted to the screen -- be it TV, iPod, iPad, or iPhone -- visions of abuse, rape, shocking murders, mass murders, and famous people involved with any aspect of violence, especially sex.

(Have I left any mayhem off the list -- any of the repulsive, horrible, seriously perturbing behavior that makes you feel marvelously disgusted?)

All this bad stuff, immorality, unbelievably fascinating uncivilized behavior -- it's more than ever, and we are living with it.

Would more laws help? Are you impressed, and glad that Obama finally got the updated law against abuse of woman signed? Anything he manages to get through the stuck, stupid, rigid Congress is great. But it won't stop abuse.

Does public awareness help? Has anything changed since 1985 when we got movie ratings and then, the mid-90's when Al Gore's (now ex-wife) Tipper was working hard to get laws passed that curtailed what we were seeing on TV?

Hey take heart -- there are now lots of anti-violence organizations and efforts being made by important people to limit the uncensored freedom that producers, artists, ad agencies, TV stations, and game manufacturers have.

Why, good gracious, on the ever burgeoning Facebook, there are two great anti-violence groups -- hey -- one has 11 followers the, other has -- whoopee-- about a hundred. Doesn't that mean progress?

Not much.

What do we do -- violence is burgeoning.-- it's a reality -- we have so many other WORSE realities -- (no, I am not going to list them.)?

I'm just sad that our culture has become so large and so overloaded with mankind killing mankind, devastating the world, making it unlivable -- yes -- I'm very sad, because one of our daily entertainments is hideous violence.

It's something we need to see less of -- BOYCOTT. If we don't buy it, maybe the guys who make it will go out of business.


Do I mean snap off the set? Change the channel when the killers with weapons start banging away?


What does that accomplish?

Not much.


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