Sunday, May 4, 2014


John describes Harvey -- how they met, and their very comfortable, easy going friendship.

He enjoys his role as "Terry," in Fierstein's new play, "Casa Valentina," and explains what he's learned from playing a transvestite. 

Emily asks whether you call the  character "him" or "her?" John reveals how this is handled by Harvey's script for this uniquely interesting, important play.    


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, This interview reminded me of the time, the one time, that I ever did drag. I was working on a film that has since become a cult-classic and it is called "The Forbidden Zone". I was hired to do props and then they found out I could paint so I painted much of the scenery used and they kept me on to be a production assistant. One day, as I was painting, the director, Richard Elfman, was walking by and he said, "I like your face. Would you like to be in some scenes?" Of course I couldn't contain my excitement and he took me into make-up and told them he wanted me in drag. The two girls sat me in a chair and worked on me for almost an hour. Then they spun me around so I could see myself in the mirror. After a few seconds to get over the shock, I said, "Oh my God! It's my mother!!!" And now it's preserved on celluloid for all eternity along with another scene where I am chained to the wall of a dingeon and the actress Susan Tyrell whips me. Cheers, Stephan Artist.

Aquileana said...

John is so hilarious when he tried to imitate harvey's voice...

I love the video Em...

Best wishes, Aquileana :)

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