Monday, June 30, 2014


Mark Zuckerberg -- the smartest guy in the neighborhood, the smartest guy in the school -- seems to be changing the face of Facebook again. 

In April, 2012, he bought INSTAGRAM, for $1 billion. It provided a mobile-centric platform at a time when Facebook's activity was primarily desktop based.

I wasn't into mobile back then. I am not into mobile now.

June 2012, he bought FACE.COM, for $60 million -- it provided recognition technology that Faceobook uses to automatically tag faces in photos.

I'm having serious trouble with photos in my blog -- Facebook ignores my cartoons -- just picks what it wants.  
This past February, he bought  WHATSAPP,  for $19 billion. It gives Facebook a presence in messaging that it's been working on for years, and also a foothold in other countries.

I can't send messages or get messages anymore on my Facebook page.

Last month he bought  OCULUS VR, for $2 billion. He currently is setting up top flight engineers to work on the virtual reality headset that Oculus created.

In a press conference, Mark Z said, "Mobile is the platform of today and now we are also getting ready for the platform for tomorrow. Oculus has a chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate."

Yowie -- Z is putting down a lot of money on virtual reality, which till very recently was considered a failure.

Are we -- you and I -- going to be facebooking in headsets?

Hey, gee -- I don't want to wear anything over my eyes, my ears and be in an artificially stimulated unreal environment with my head covered, sweating -- my hair, my crowning glory drooping, straggling, uglifying me and what I used to be -- before I got into social net-jerking.
No, no, no -- it feels so wrong -- Z is already controlling so much of our lives with his concepts -- he's buying into my future and I don't know how to stop him except by shouting, "beware of this clever-brilliant kid -- he's transforming us into money making doers, users of whatever he thinks is right, good, fascinating fun.  

F - U - N? 


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Stan said...

Great article Em. The virtual train has left the virtual town in which I virtually live. I can still taste the virtual dust in my mouth.