Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Here we are, John Cullum and Emily Frankel, back in 2012.

What this video says is what John and I would say if we made this video again today.

As the first episodes of "Northern Exposure" were filmed, we commuted from our home in Malibu, to our home in Redmond, Washington, where the show was filmed.

It was a new life -- John arranged a first reading of my play, "Shattering Panes," using the Northern Exposure cast.

We chuckled about John's character, "Holling the Bartender," with his young blonde, other wife (Cynthia Geary), and the headlines that were made about Holling's private parts.


Sonnycole said...

It is always great to get a behind the scenes peep at how much one goes through to create, or execute their art...I thank U both for the insight.

Carola said...

I love the character of Holling the bartender. Still have clear memories of some of the scenes in the show.

Unknown said...

Holling , Shelly , Maurice and The Brick...a great back story in and of itself. What a wonderful "flashback" Em. Roslyn ..or Cicely, simple places in simpler times that we all could live in for an hour each week. However, as a U of W alumni, I still harbor feelings of angst that a WSU "actor" was chosen to appear in the opening titles of each and every show. Yep, "Mort" the moose (chosen from a "free roaming on campus" herd) still "hurts".... and inter-state school rivalries live on. Thanks for reminding me of that Em..some 20+ yrs later! Even so, what a nice "revisit" on your and John''s "launch".