Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Goddess Isis
Glued in my mind is Robin Williams' decision to leave the world, Bacall gone, Ferguson protests, brain damaged football guys, footballers imbued with violence who are abusing women, and ISIS.

Isis thousands of years ago was beneficent Egyptian goddess. Now ISIS is talk in the air of a war that isn't a war but is a war -- endless debates, decapitations, and bombing.

I want my life on my mind; it's become difficult to envision the future with me active, excited, looking forward to tomorrow. Here I am, merely cowering, turning off my ears, eyes, and mind about Ebola, avoiding the coming election babble -- yes -- avoiding the predicted takeover of Congress by more do-nothingers.

Fall season means green into red-brown-gold, not hearing the dreadfully dumb talk about our bad-weak-indecisive President, who is our good-energetic-decisive leader trying to lead, though his legs have been chopped off.

Surely this non-thinking, stuck, frozen phase will melt away. Snowbound, I'm trudging, lifting one leg at a time, effortfully dragging myself beyond the bad events as I step, step, step into tomorrow.

Golly, I want to be back in some sunlight, on my way to doing things with flashes of excitement and interest, heartfelt concern with what else is going on in the world.


Stan said...

Great article Em...Yes, I too feel like I am somehow detached from the life I love. I long for the days when I could walk down the street without fear of violence. My biggest fear is that "change" isn't gonna come.

Cara said...

I often feel the same way, Em. That's when I take a break from the news and turn on the 24/7 comedy station on the radio, sometimes for a few days. A good laugh helps me keep things in perspective. I worked as a journalist for 10 years - most reported news is bad, so if you watch a lot of it you're bound to get bummed out.

Linda Phillips said...

I am so in agreement. I am the original news junkie, but with constant talk of Isis, Ebola, more war, boots on the ground or no boots, I just want to go lalalalalala. In other words, I want to drown it out. These are supposed to be my golden years, but they are much more like tin!

Ameer S. Washington said...

I say pay attention, be aware, think, but don't not let it control. The problem with the accessibility of today is that we get to be aware of almost everything. Any tragic event in any corner of the world is accessible to us when just 50 years ago it would not have been. Thus we think or imagine that the world we live in is so much more tragic and bloody than times passed. We see the ugly side of humanity from so many perspectives and we feel it is something we must do. We feel some how we must put our lives on hold to affect change in this things. But we do not. We should hold fast to our passions and ideals and deal with these things like ISIS when it affects us directly. We must be proactive father than reactive. As far as ISIS, we ought to secure our borders and let the Middle East sort itself out without the lost of American lives. With those affect with Ebola in those area those families and those people ought to fight the disease, heal the sick and prevent a spread. We are all marching toward death. We ought to march confidently in our values and passions. My long two cent.

Unknown said...

I'm SO sorry you're feeling overwhelmed by all this Em!!! Believe me, I know how it is, because I get there myself sometimes too. Bad things happen, they have always happened, but PLEASE remember that GOOD things happen also! There are still beautiful days, glorious sunsets, calming moonlight, laughing children, inquisitive students, and earnest young people ready to make a difference. There is also a "higher" place where we are all our better selves, looking at this world and learning our lessons from it.

I get bogged down too sometimes, but I'm basically a cup-half-full kind of gal and my dark times (usually) don't last very long. I agree that you should keep informed about the world, and be part of it, but do it on your own terms and at your own level. When it gets to be too much, take a step back, laugh, meditate, listen to music you love, dance, draw, write, anything to take you out of that bad place.

I love you and your energy and excitement for life, so I KNOW you'll find a way back to it. Just remember that there are people who care and understand (even if we're sometimes not very communicative on social media :) ).

I think of you and John often, and wish you both joy.

Love ya!

Unknown said...

We'll said,the world is tumbling in all our heads with limits as what we can do individually .we must have faith our nation will come together fr love of a higher power