Monday, November 24, 2014


Emily Frankel says she plans each day as if she is the boss, as well as the employee. A good day is when she can get all the jobs done that she planned.

John doesn't find that's what makes a day good for him. He enjoys being able to put his mind on whatever the job is -- fixing something, studying a script, or answering email, but watching his favorite sports teams, or a favorite movie when he's in the mood for relaxation, is what makes a day especially good.


Stan said...

Thanks for another fine vlog. I appreciate them so much. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Gary Alan Henson said...

Thanks John and Emily for sharing the simple joys of a good day.
I share similar feelings with both of you!
I don't plan as much as Emily seems to, but when I can plan, I enjoy the planning as much as the work.
Mostly, I try to say 'I need to accomplish these things today, if possible'. If it happens that way, I'm quite happy. If I miss one or two it's a little disappointing but I put them on the mental list for tomorrow.
A good day for me is:
- accomplish the daily software assignments at work
- write 1 to 10 pages on my latest book at night
- practice guitar
- talk to my wife of 44 years about what we did today
- have a glass of merlot and relax
- update my writing blog ( for my followers

Dang, when I write it out like this, I'm way too busy! ;-)

Have a wonderful turkey day!