Thursday, April 9, 2015


John Cullum and his wife, Emily Frankel, talk about the days when Emily supported them with earnings from touring with her dance company.

They didn't have money for anything, except essentials -- chuck steak, and rice dinners, and rent. Even so, when their landlord raised the rent, John found a way to buy their building.


Stan said...

Great vlog Em and John...I always enjoy watching, please never stop making my week a good one.

Dustspeck said...

Dear John and Emily: That's a blooming nice moment you shared. I don't think you exceeded your six minute limit by much; oh four seconds, and your five dollar limit's are the best ones I've heard of in a while; sez Dustspeck, Thanks for the smile!

SafetyMentalst said...

Priceless Comentary !!