Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Emily asks John if he'd like to move back to Knoxville, Tennessee.

He says acting in the local theater would interest him, but he turns the question back to his wife, knowing she wouldn't be herself, if they lived there.
They delve into what they have as a couple, and decide they belong in New York City.


Stan said...

Great vlog guys. I loved the subject. I traveled the world for years and went back home physically, but emotionally I of course am a changed man. Yet, I love my little hometown and have adjusted to being here as almost a stranger. Thanks again for a great video!

Ronnie Giles said...

Hi, John & Emily. I hadn't heard from either of you for awhile, and then just now-much to to my delight-"em's TALKERY" popped-up on my Page; YAYYYYYYYYY! You are EACH National Treasures. Screw what Thomas Wolfe said about "never being able to go home again"! Follow your heart(s), go back to Knoxville, TN. and do a Play or two again. I'm certain that no one down there would object. Even if someone did, then SO WHAT! Would you really care if they did? Age-wise, I'm not too far behind the both of you. Next month I'll be going back to my hometown of Lodi, NJ to do my "Frank Sinatra Tribute Show". Not for a second did I even THINK about not ever being able "to go home again"! I'm just happy to be alive, and to have lived long enough to give something back to a town and its people that I've always loved. GO FOR IT, and God bless both of you always!

Love & Best Wishes Always,

Ronnie Giles

Marie said...

Returning to our "Bountiful" can only exist in our mind of memories. As we grow older and wiser we realize we can't turn the clock back in time, nor do we want to do that. Time goes on and so must we. Don't fall into a rut living on nothing but memories of yesterday. That's not healthy! Going back to what was home is okay for an occasional visit but know you'll discover the old home town is not the same. When I go back to mine I do not recognize most of the faces, even the friendly ones who nod and smile are strangers. Things change as the farther down life's pathway we trudge.