Wednesday, September 30, 2015


CBS has been showing us "Living Large," a segment in the daily news that gives us tours of fantastic homes, a different one every other day or so. It got me Googling around, checking out the homes of the richest people in the world.

How about this for an entrance to your home sweet home palace?

It's the entrance to Mukesh Ambani's  27 floor skyscraper in India -- the costliest residence in the world -- price -- $1 billion.

I surfed on -- wanting to know the names of the other rich guys.

 I checked out Bloomberg's main living room, peeked peevishly at Trump's whose bragging is beginning to annoy me, couldn't find a Koch brother's house. Most of these guys have a look on their faces that I don't like -- it's as if they spent their lives accruing money. But not Bill Gates. He's never seemed like a person who was hooked on being rich. I Googled around till I found this video of  Bill Gate's home. What a wow! Room after room after room and more rooms -- it's an endless view of living large, larger, largest. I don't think I'd be comfortable living in that house -- even visiting and sleeping over in one of those ultra perfect guest rooms, I'd be uneasy, not jealous, but sort of ... well ... If Bill or his wife Melinda invited me, I'd adjust. Wouldn't you?
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