Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Emily wants to talk about Agnes. It's an iffy subject that makes John uncomfortable since Agnes is Cullum, their uncomplaining, utterly devoted maid who does most all of  the clean up chores.

The Cullum's agree -- Agnes, a southern mammy maid, is incorrect politically, but Agnes-John never complains, works for no pay. and gets them both laughing when it's time to take care of the seriously nasty jobs that have to be done once in a while.


Stan said...

Good to know John is still "a leg man."

Gary Alan Henson said...

Warm and funny as always, Em and John. ;-)
And yes, somewhat non-PC for terms used. I don't believe you mean anything derogatory or mean in those terms.
I think that people sometimes are too quick to judge what others say. I remember many terms that my father and mother used that I don't. I had to unlearn those because I felt they were wrong. But I understand why they used.
Thanks again.

Orianne said...

I like the video, thank you for sharing Emily :)