Monday, December 14, 2015


Here's me sometime ago, talking about my most favorite gift. In the video I mention my husband's job.

John Cullum is not in this show today, but "Scottsboro Boys,"  which closed, was a cast, music, and a memory that stays with him. Off Broadway, or on Broadway, it's not the success of the show, but the family feeling he had with the boys that he cherishes.    

Anyhow, I feel the same way about my favorite gift -- it's not very expensive, not very rare -- just a gift I was given in a brown manila envelope, stuffed with crinkled-up newspaper.

Why the gift is still my favorite, most cherished gift is not because of the way it looks, but what the giver figured out, and why the gift was chosen.

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Gary Alan Henson said...

Wonderful post, Emily, the amber is beautiful.

Debbie and I have a daughter we named Amber Jo, so it's even more special to us.

I carry around a small Swiss Army knife that my best friend gave me as a best man's gift at his wedding. I never go anywhere without that knife.

When I take it out of my pocket, it instantly brings back memories of growing up in Colorado, the mountains and courting my wife Debbie in Boulder.

It seems like such a small thing to evoke so many memories each time, but it does.

I associate it with friendship, love, youth, fresh Colorado air, the Rockies, Boulder in the 60s and 70s and a simpler time in my life. Not a better time, just a more innocent time.

Thanks again for the time you and John take to make these delightful posts.

Merry Christmas and may you life and love well.