Monday, February 15, 2016


Emily wonders why making videos is so scary -- often she feels pinched and nervous, like she used to feel when she was going to school.

John relates their setting-up routine to all the things he needed to do but didn't bother to do when he was taking tests in college. Describing how he "goofed off" in those days, John helps Emily come to the conclusion that making a video is just a fun, sometimes tricky routine.


SCOOPDAA said...

You guys are a miracle couple = Thanks 4 sharing tests & auditions w/ us all

Victoria said...

Can't help but love you both. Such inspiration. Thank you. Best wishes always.

Marie Stout Newlin said...

OK, that was unique. Scary tests. Oh yes, and we sometimes pulled an all-nighter studying for the dreaded Monday morning test. As for John having a taste of your salad dressing, I bet that is nothing but a pleasure. I enjoy watching you two. An obviously, I'm envious. Your chats are charming no matter what your chosen subject. I'll close by telling you about finding my teacher-father's final exam tests as issued by the State, from the 1930s. I realize that I could not possibly pass the 8th grade test. I'm wondering if any young person today could pass that test. That was back when the 3Rs -- readin' and writin' and 'rithmatic were the main courses.

GSB said...

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Anonymous said...

Tests are horrid!!! My worst were my police exams, waste of time that career was for me, more paper work than an office admin - this was in England, not sure what it's like in the USA. Other tough ones were certainly my fight training tests, one of which was 4 hours and 30 minutes of intense fitness and fight training with the last 30 minutes bare knuckle fighting various opponents. That was proper tough! Though much more enjoyable than my police exams. An academic I am not! I hope it's not too cold in NYC. Your English friend, Kevin