Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If you buzz our buzzer, we ask who it is, and when we know who you are, we buzz you in. It's a surprise when you walk in. Our hallway walls are shocking pink, and bright orange; the steps and banisters are bright red. The brilliant, almost clashing colors, wonderful colors, make visitors laugh, and put most of them in a good mood.

After you climb two flights of steps you're at the third floor, where you see some of my paintings hanging on the pink wall.

This is one of my cityscapes. If you're a New Yorker or you've visited my hometown, you may recognize some of the buildings.

I like to do cityscapes -- I enjoy doing repetitive tasks, like embroidering "True Friendships Are Eternal" on a sampler. I gave it to Mom for Mother's Day when I was eight-years-old.

I found a photo in a magazine ad that I loved, and copied it, and have copied it again and again in different ways and in different colors.

As we climb the stairs to the top floor where our home is, you pass my visions of the water,  birds flying over it, with the island of NYC in the distance.

The red door you're passing is the entrance to "DanceHouse" -- that's where our offices are, (John Cullum's and mine), and the theater-dance studio where I choreographed and rehearsed my Dance Drama Company.

Here's a quick peek at the clipboard on my desk. The painting is my vision of the Galaxy.

I clip email, passwords and addresses onto the galaxy.

On the other side of my desk, attached to my Blue Faces painting, there's a list of ideas that I might use for my blog.

Other lists are taped below it, including emergency phone numbers for tech pals.

At the top of the step there's a plastic plant, stage prop from my play "People in Show Biz Make Long Goodbyes," and a Clown painting that goes with a song I sang to our son JD.

"See a clown,
He's looking down. 
He has a bird.
Oops he heard --
You and me --
Talking about the fact that he lives in a tree."

In the other part of our loft-home, on the door to JD's room,
there is my "Em Clown."

She's wearing one of my costumes; her eyes have fake lashes that I made out of black felt.  I painted the "Em Clown " on JD's door to keep JD company when I was on tour.

My biggest, bestest cityscape is hung in a prominent spot in the main hall where there's plenty of light from one of the skylights. Click the picture. You can see much more -- more buildings -- also the bridge to the borough of Queens.

I like my orange cityscape, but if I have time to paint another picture, it wouldn't be a cityscape.

Maybe I'll paint flowers.


Carola said...

I absolutely LOVE your art. Have you ever written a book that you illustrated?

AI Decisions said...

You are very talented, those cityscapes, we're very good. Always appreciate you sharing, and spring is almost here.

Gary Alan Henson said...

Wonderful paintings, Em! I didn't know you were an artist as well! Especially like the city scapes!
One of my favorite celebrity painters is/was Red Skelton's clowns. Something special about them.
Keep painting and thanks for sharing, Em!

Unknown said...

Em, you are so multi-talented, it amazes me? I love your art work. I love your color pallet and your bold use of color. What cant you do and do well creatively? You never cease to impress!