Friday, May 13, 2016


This dance... Oh my, we have seen -- golly -- so many wonderful scenes with Fred and Ginger dancing -- always performing steps and fantastically creative routines ...

But this scene from the film, "Swing Time" ... Well -- I'm an expert -- as a choreographer I had a special gift for dances that told a story, also -- for creating lifts and intertwining body relationships for twosomes, couples -- especially romantic duets.  

Okay --  this scene In "Swing Time" -- it's near the end of the movie when things that were keeping this couple apart have escalated -- they're in love, but each is committed to someone else, someone worthy who will move him, move her, far away.  They pace, think, and walk -- moment by moment each step connects them more, then more, till they are married in dance.

Married?  Yes, watching it we know they have to stay, will stay, must stay together happily ever after.

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