Monday, June 6, 2016


Yep -- this ad grabs your eye, and suggests smoking is a sexy-fun thing to do right now!  

On May 6, 2016, there was an official announcement by the HHS (Secretary of Health and Human Services), banning the sale of e-cigarettes to those 18 and under, and regulation of other nicotine delivery devices.   

The video starts with ads and ends with ads for more sexy-fun things. (Ever since Google took over YouTube, you have to go along with whatever Google wants you to do and deal with a lot of crappy-baloney. (If you have time to waste click USA Today).

Anyhow, lots of people, including a lot of kids, are smoking. It's happening again -- the spreading, the contagion -- the seduction of needy people by a deadly habit. (Yep, deadly -- it's been proved by highly reputed, scientists, doctors, and researchers -- there's nicotine in e cigarettes and you're getting it when you smoke an e cig.

Of course teens are buying and trying them. It's funky, grown-uppish, sophisticated, and now that the FDA has banned them, the sexy-fun stuff is more exciting because it's against the law. 

Hey, the manufacturers of e cigs and vape shops aren't sweating. They'll keep doing what they're doing for at least a couple of years. It takes that long for them to be reached, issued violations, and respond to legal threats, or pay fines. They've got the lawyer guys who helped cigarette manufacturers keep the cigarette biz booming-ballooning for years and years, while more and more people were dying of cancer.

I figure that there will be more and more ads and tons of money made by manufacturers as more and more people of all ages will be smoking electronic cigarettes.

I don't think laws or rules stop people -- young, older, or very old -- from seeking pleasure, especially pleasure that's dangled in front of them.
We're fish in the sea and guys with fishing poles are everywhere.

Yep, it's another BAD thing in the pile of things that we can't seem to change, or fix -- but mentioning it helps us do something about this, sooner or later ... maybe soon, much sooner.    


Larry Enright said...

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) - an appropriate acronym for what humans seem to have such a need to bring upon themselves until they realize to late how precious life is. Thanks for speaking out on this, Em.

SCOOPDAA said...

Thanks 4 sharing EM = Personally, I don't trust the Government, FDA, Petropharmiceutal Industry = They're all in bed together

Carola said...

I have an elderly friend who tried to quit smoking many times and never succeeded. She recently was hospitalized with pneumonia. After that she quit smoking but she still vapes. This is a good solution for her, because although she is still supporting her nicotine addiction, she is not smoking. This is not pleasure--it is a relatively healthy choice.