Tuesday, September 6, 2016


 Mom and Dad (John Cullum and Emily Frankel), respond to their son JD's request, and chat about their favorite season.

Weather talk reveals why John, every year looks forward to spring. But Emily and John do NOT agree about what's the best time of the year.


george73kickstart said...

Sure , it was such an amusement. It could'nt have come at a better time .I am glad you noticed it even though we're thousands of miles apart! Thank you madam and goodnight .

george73kickstart said...

Dear madam, I always regard what people think about themselves as their own choices. A matter of attitude and not the reality . Allow me to say out of what is claimed to be the reasons for their actions is purely hypothetical . Would anybody convince me really why they can't learn a foreign language ? For me , this is a fine example of not realizing the benefits accruing from such a move because of a lack of foresight and vision in life .l feel sorry for such people .

Gary Alan Henson said...

Good to hear you two again! I've been out for a while. Your videos put a warm coal in my heart to combat the downright chilly weather we're having in Texas right now.
My wife and I lived in Saratoga Springs for a while in the Navy (I was an instructor at a facility there) and I can tell you New York can be worse than an Eskimos toes.
Our first day to Saratoga we parked my 65 Mustang convertible on the street and went to bed exhausted. We woke up the next day and looked out to a mountain of snow! My car was covered, I couldn't see it all!
I love all the seasons as well. Each has it's own charm and joy.
Stay warm and enjoy the day, you two.
Thanks for the talks.