Sunday, October 8, 2017


The big guys who control what most of us use everyday, are telling/selling, compelling us "do not attempt to repair your device." They say: "If you try to fix it yourself, you're inviting hackers.  You'll have more troubles, serious troubles. Repairs must be done by our skilled technicians."

Apple, along with other phone makers, as well as Deere Co (maker of tractors), are lobbying and halting -- yes halting -- "Right to Repair " legislation. They're worried. They make billions from repairs and Right to Repair & Fair Repair is now in 12 States.

Peruse this.

Get some handyman books on this and that ...

Take a look....

Get specific

Pick up a tool or two....

This can be you.
All aspects of YOU yourself -- brains, brawn, and beauty -- are utilized when you fix it yourself. 

It's a way to fight helplessness about wars, immigration, global warming, racial issues, healthcare, taxes, scary headlines, and it's good exercise.

Hey, if you yourself cannot make the-whatever-it-is work, use your brain, brawn, beauty to find a local expert -- ask folks who own or operate or work for businesses in your neighborhood for suggestions; check references; negotiate; make an appointment; watch what they do. And learn.

It's interesting. It's fun.  I've done it. If I can do it, so can you.       


Carola said...

What a wonderful skill to have. I am usually totally lost in these situations, but the few times I have been able to figure something out and fix it, I know the wonderful, confident feeling you are talking about.

Jo Davidson said...

My computer was broken nothing but a black screen with white lettering, I kept Googling until I found the right answer and fixed my lap top and saved $100 in repairs. My first.

Linda Phillips said...

Agree Em! and love the illustrations.

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

Someitmes it pays to give it a go. I could not bleieve how easy it is t change a lock on a door. It took me 5 minutes just following the directions on the back of the package. But I lived alone for years in my own house and it's learn or be helpless

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