Wednesday, April 24, 2019


The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Week Magazine are talking about Nuclear power. They are quoting scientists who are saying that keeping existing nuclear plants open and building dozens of new ones can help many countries, and enable the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Here's the scary numbers: If we don't reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 45 percent by 2030, and get to zero by 2050, extreme weather--devastating droughts, floods, wildfires, and storms--will get worse and occur more frequently.

After seeing Jane Fonda, and Jack Lemon in "China Syndrome," we're remembering "The Three Mile Island Incident" of 1979, and Chernobyl, 1986. And Fukushima, 2011 is still haunting us.

Actually, there have been at least 56 "accidents," (no deaths, but millions spent on repairs), at various nuclear reactors in the U.S. Even so, building more nuclear plants to generate electricity is being touted as a miraculous solution to the world's energy needs. Perturbing fact--Germany spent $580 billion on renewables (wind and solar), but electric bills in Germany are the highest in Europe, and its emissions have not been reduced. On the other hand, Sweden's three nuclear power plants with just eight nuclear reactors, along with the hydroelectric plants in Sweden's rivers, using water, a renewable, are generating electricity, and supply more than 40 percent of Sweden's energy needs, while other renewables supply the rest. Fascinating fact: Sweden's emissions have dropped by half.

Couldn't the U.S and other countries do what Sweden has done?

 None of the articles in the prestigious newspapers suggest action.

Hey, I'm an ex dancer blogger-writer, not a facilitator or activist, but guys, THIS is something we need to investigate--not ASAP--but do now--start doing right away, immediately!


SCOOPDAA said...

We can do it also but we need to be very, very careful w/ multiple redundant back-up systems in place as safeguard before going online

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

Yet they pump CO2 into greenhouses to make plants grow better. I know solar is crap. My neighbors had it and then had it all removed and said it was horrible in the winter when the days are shorter and couldn't get even enough hot water. But if you recall we were all going to die in the 70's too and freeze to death. Plus I did some digging on this and there are eco-terrorist paid off by organizations who create disasters like blowing up the ice in the Arctic to make it look like it is diminishing. The thing about this is there is huge money to be made off it. And the scientist pushing it are on the dole. Many articles have come out over even the past ten years saying they are skewing the figures. Plus we learned in 5th-grade science it's the sun that controls the weather and why what happens here can be seen going on on Mars too. We just had one of the coldest winters ever. Even Arizona had a lot of cold weather this winter compared to the average. There is an excellent book written by the same guy who did Jurassic Park called State Of Fear which can really change your view and open your eyes. Though it is fiction you can tell he did tons of research and laid it out in that book how we are manipulated with fear over all this. And yes nothing wrong with wanting cleaner air for sure. But our problem in AZ, for example, is the particulates caused by the blowing dust. Not to mention the worst polluters like India and China told us to stick it. If India shut down their coal plants they would have no economy at all and no way to make money to live.

SCOOPDAA said...