Sunday, June 9, 2019


Jeff Koons' steel rabbit just sold for $ 91.1 million at Christies--it's the most money ever paid for art by a living artist. It's 3 feet tall, a blow-up was in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, 2007.
Jeff Koons' art works have been in major prestigious museums throughout the world--especially his popular "Balloon Dog;" about 12 feet tall, five versions--blue, magenta, yellow, orange, red.

Many galleries have also displayed Koons'  porcelain and gold "Michael Jackson" sculpture.

 'Made in Heaven' sculptures, anatomically unambiguous sculptures of Koons having sex with his first wife are--"Not pornography,." Koons says. "I'm interested in the spiritual, to be able to show people that they can have impact, to achieve their desires."
"Tulips," sold for a record-breaking  $58.4 million. Five unique versions. 80 inches x 180 x 205.

The 64-year-old artist, from York, Pennsylvania, is heralded by some critics as a pioneer. Others dismiss his work as 'kitsch.' New York Times article on Koons quoted art critic, who called Koons' art, "cat excrement." Koons' approach to art is evident at his huge studio in NYC. He employs 130 assistants, who use paint-by-the-numbers techniques to create the unique versions, reproductions exhibited, praised by major critics everywhere. Here's what Koons says about it.

Koons creative process and success says a lot about today's world and culture. "Igg" is my reaction to balloon dogs, tulips, and sex sculpture. Maybe his art is just not my cup of tea, or I'm  reacting to what I feel, and don't like about Koons' York, Pennsylvania mentality. It's prejudice based on my growing up years in Harrisburg, Pa., with kids like Jeff, perceiving from class reunion letters, what these kids aren't and ARE. For many of them, money is God, is status, the true measure of success -- the most important thing in life. I think Jeff Koons' art may be where art is heading. Artist Jeff Koons has created many, many stunning, astounding works over the years. If you haven't made up your mind about liking or disliking his art, click the link -- you'll enjoy this "Stop Hating Jeff Koons" article in the New York Times.


Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

OMG Horrible. Some people have too much money to throw away. To be honest, I never heard of this guy, but I can see why people think his work is porn. Hate or just the opinion he is highly overrated. It's as bad as that dragon and dinosaur erotica people release on Amazon, yet it has a lot of fans. I never saw what many liked in Picasso either. Some of his work is horrible including that monstrous ugly woman head sculpture at Chicago's Civic Center Plaza.
I can't read NYT I have no subscription

SCOOPDAA said...

Very enlightening = Thanks sharing

SCOOPDAA said...

Totally agree = Kinda sad feeling = Thanks 4 sharing