Saturday, November 14, 2020


 When we're dancing "Haunted Moments" we use a Bose amplifier. Our  tapes are recorded on Magnecorder, at 15 inches per second. It provides the most realistic powerful sound you can get.   

Mark dances the train , chugging into a station, utilizing deep MARTHA GRAHAM contractions. She says she loves the way Frankee dances to the cheering crowd sound--especially  the 'economical use' she makes by doing just one low extension of a leg into a one very slow 'rondejambe.'  

The famous Pilates  actually came backstage the other day, when she performed  'LAUGHTER' at a fund raising  benefit  for Juilliard. They have become 'names' in dance. The life-size photo of Frankee in pink ballets slippers is on the main wall at Capezio's at Lincoln  Center.  When she told Pilates how Carola Trier, popular teacher in Manhattan had over-crowded classes, Pilates  said in broken English, ''You need no teachings."

The Big BIG Deal is Jacques COSTEAU, French scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied  all forms of life in water. After each  performance Costeau hugged and kissed the team, and Mark Spitz, Olympic Swimmer, got Frankee on the cover  of "Time" in a new costume Nathan hired a famous designer to create for her that 'Vogue' called "super chic."   

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