Sunday, May 24, 2009


Picture us -- balmy day, we're burrowed in our offices. I'm writing; JC's deeply immersed in reading the booklets on how to use a digital camera (the one Paramount Studios gave him).

It sat inside a professionally wrapped gift box, blue linen paper with a fat blue satin bow. It had arrived in a crate containing a star's folding wooden chair with a canvas back that has his name and "Charlotte's Web" stenciled on it.

Crate arrived at Christmas, months after JC shot the film in Sidney, Australia. A year later, Xmas, we opened it -- a deluxe color printer. (We rarely use it. JC occasionally prints a script, highlighting his speeches with yellow toner, but it's easier to do this with a highlighter pen.)

(The movie, filmed in 2004, premiered in 2006. JC didn't attend the gala opening. His part, a small nice role, which was supposed to be played by Paul Newman, ended up on the cutting-room floor.)

Inside the printer box was second box -- fancy blue paper, blue satin bow. We figured it was a camera, but didn't open it till yesterday, when I mentioned to JC that Fran who was proofing "Painting Cities" (posted on my blog on the 20th) said it would be great if we had photos of my hallway gallery.

JC, a guy who fixes toilets, furnace, hot water heaters, and electrical circuits, who is a "dunce" on a computer (yep, I said that -- see my "New Stuff" May 13th post), unwrapped the little box and lo and behold: A digital camera.

The "dunce" took 2 pictures (one of me shaking my head in surprise), and went back to his office; read three booklets and called me in. Lo and behold, he installed it -- digital camera and its complicated editing/publishing software program on his computer.

With JC patiently instructing me, and me, agog, following orders, our "behind the times" family is now in tune with the times, where just about everyone takes photos with cell phones and cameras, and makes home movies.


You guys who read this blog (and have iPhones, Blackberry's and other gizmos), must be shaking your heads -- what's so yippee about that?

What's great is that JC, who never visits John Cullum, actor, his own website, was saying, "Hey, I'm going take some pictures, post them for the fans who've been asking for them ." And me, flabbergasted by the fun I'm having planning a post I'll write as soon as adapter arrives. (Just ordered it!)

We won't have to feed the camera batteries while we're shooting pictures of upstairs, downstairs, PR portraits, posters, scrounged stuff, hallway gallery, green room ...

Yippee! Hurray !

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