Friday, May 29, 2009


What am I rooting for? Hey, I'm still rooting for what we voted for. What we won on that night of nights to remember!!!!

Am I going to give my opinion about keeping Gitmo, closing Gitmo? What can I say about water-boarding?

What about Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court?

Why don't I say how I feel about Repubs rejecting every single thing our president is trying to do?

What about Miss America? If she keeps on sexy-strutting in that white bikini, giving us her know-it-all opinions, am I going to write a NO NO post?

Add my small voice to the yays about Gay marriage getting legalized, argue with the boos -- what about the yayers for Sarah Palin, rising, rising in the world?

What about Darfur? And Swat Valley? And Animals becoming extinct -- thirsty Polar Bears, Penguins wandering, the killing of Elephants, Apes, Lions ...
What about kiddie prostitutes, pedophiles purchasing virgins? And Public Libraries on half schedules? Teacher shortage, some of 'em sleeping with students?

And Health care? Pandemic every day realer, or is it hype? Drugs! Drug-makers claiming it's research -- that's why pills cost more!

How could I say anything, speak, state, be acceptably truthful, factual, logical, convincing, and affect the way anything on this list could be changed, even minusculey?

There's more, much more things to put on the list, and I'm already weary. But that's not why I'm not in politics.

The way I've evolved, the career I've hewed, hacked out, and built for Em, was built on sand and mud -- in it, over it (and under the table, in some not quite kosher ways).

What about the social security I didn't pay for H? The five violations on our building when we bought it, that have never been rectified? Worse -- eight dancers I put on an imaginary payroll so they could collect unemployment insurance ...

Oh dear ... there was a crooked man (gal ) who walked a crooked mile leaning on his (her) crooked stick ...

Well, nothing's crooked nowadays, but gee, I couldn't get to first base on an application I'd have to fill out in order to get my name put down the list ...
So maybe ... couldn't I ... why don't I write about Michelle inspiring me and Hillary ...?

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