Monday, June 29, 2009


When you buzz our buzzer, we ask who it is, and when we know who you are, we buzz you in.

It's a surprise when you walk in. Our hallway walls are shocking pink, and bright orange; the steps and banisters are bright red. The brilliant, almost clashing colors make visitors laugh, and put most of them in a good mood.

After you climb eighteen steps, you see a hand-painted silk scarf on a the wall, a tall white plastic plant. Twenty more steps up, and you're at the third floor, where you see some of my paintings hanging on the pink wall.

This my blue cityscape.
JC took the picture. I'm a novice with the camera, but JC (who never seems to know what he's doing on a computer) has read the How To booklet -- he's already adept at taking photos, and patiently teaching me what to do.

If you were a New Yorker, you'd recognize some of the buildings my cityscape. Why did I do this painting? I found a photo that fascinated me, and I love repetitive tasks, (like embroidering "True Friendships Are Eternal" on a sampler -- I gave it to Mom for Mother's Day when I was eight years old. See my post "Night Light" for more about me and my mother).

Since you're passing our theater-dance studio, JC's and my office, I'll let you have a peek at my clipboard on my beige desk It's a painting I made of the galaxy. I clip phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website passwords on it. Also a long list of ideas that I might use for new posts, along with notes on how to make a link, and emergency phone numbers for our net-worked phones.

(I still haven't recovered from installing them -- my very first post on this blog "Out of Order Phones," tells the story.)

As we climb the stairs to the top floor where our home is, you pass four more Em paintings.

The "Dad Clown" is at the top of the step behind that plastic plant (a memento) -- it was a stage prop from my play "People in Show Biz Make Long Goodbyes. "

The Clown went with a song for JD which I sang to him when JC was out of town ...
"See a clown,
He's looking down.
He has a bird.
Oops he heard --
You and me --
Talking about the fact that he lives in a tree."

In the other part of the loft, on the door to JD's room, there is
the "Em Clown." ( Taller than I am, she's wearing one of my costumes, and real fake lashes. ) I painted it on the door to keep JD company when I was on tour.

Take a look at my orange city scape below.

It's my favorite.
Give it a double click and take a good look to the left and the right. You can the bridges to other boroughs, and a bit of Queens.
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