Sunday, August 16, 2009


The laces on my sneakers are about 10 inches too long. I can pull out the extra length, make a knot, tuck in the knot at the top eyelets, but it's hard for me to tuck it in. ( I usually snag and tear a fingernail.)

Or -- I tie my shoes the normal way, take the long loops and tie them into a double knot. Tightly.

But -- if I don't make a very tight double knot, it often comes loose while I'm walking, and I have to stop on the street, and re-tie my shoes.

Why don't I buy new laces? Once, I took the laces out and measured them, and then tried to buy short laces. I checked in a couple of stores. They only carried the too-long laces I already had. Therefore, I live with the inconvenience.

Okay -- maybe I ought to buy a different sneaker. (Mine are Reeboks.) I recently bought another kind of sneaker, nice-looking, not decorated with the usual colored streaks. (Yay team -- I hate the decorations!)

These excellent new sneakers, like the Reeboks, the shoes stretch. The first time I wore them, the tied laces made a large bow, but it was acceptable. Now, after a few wearings, because I need to tie the laces tighter, the bow flops on the ground, and has to be retied, and double-knotted like the Reeboks.

"Em --" (I'm pretending I'm you, one of my blog readers.) "What's so significant, important about your problem with shoelaces? Why are you telling us all this, in such detail? To make what point? What can we gain from this experience?"

Answering your question:
I think the sneaker manufacturers should solve this problem. At the prices they're charging, they could give you another set of shoelaces that are shorter.

Who needs that extra ten inches, fat footed EE people? My feet are a C width which isn't narrow. Like I said, sneakers stretch -- sooner or later you need shorter laces.

JC always has to shorten his -- he pulls out the lace at the top of the sneaker, ties the knot, tucks it in easily, firmly , with his strong fingers.

"Em..." (you are asking me) "Why don't you get him to do yours?"

Oh dear ... why don't I?

Am I getting to be a crotchety, complainer, fussing over unimportant things while ... while Nero fiddles and Rome burns? While there's a strange flood in my green bathroom? OH NO? OH YES! From the water tank that's attached to the toilet!

(This morning was the 4th time I'd noticed some water, but each time I told myself it's nothing.)

Today, JC The Plumber spent an hour trying to get the tank unscrewed from the back of the toilet bowl.

When Plumber JC got to the hardware store with the crumbled washer, the guy at the hardware store said --"Hey man, where did you get this toilet -- in India?"

(It's a hundred year old building, and the tank and toilet might have been there when we bought the building umpteen years ago.)

So naturally, shoelaces bug me.

And now that JC's got his super speedy new computer, mine, which I love seems ... slower. It's fine, except when booting up, I occasionally get a minor error message -- a registry data file has been recovered by use of a log file --"recovery successful" says the error, but I have to click OK or the booting up doesn't continue.

Okay! So, I think maybe it's time for a new computer, and my looking for an online Website that sells white shoelaces in varied lengths. And buying a water-saving, silent-flushing, green porcelain, new toilet for my green bathroom.

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carola said...

Too long shoelaces are a serious hazard and should be taken seriously. Sprained ankles and broken bones may otherwise result. I tie mine in a bow with huge loops and then retie those loops into a second bow on top of the first. It works very well. When I bought hiking shoes, the man at the store cut my shoelaces to size and then used a cigarette lighter to singe the ends in order to seal them so they wouldn't fray.