Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My friend Fran and I were talking about the way things are right now -- the news -- worse than ever -- agreeing -- each generation says that, but today we've got leaders, fanatics, crazed people who are capable of pushing a button and destroying the world ...

"Gosh," I said, chuckling, remembering when I was pregnant -- "If I were a mother-to-be .... enceinte -- like Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy ..."

"Gee, Fran," I said, shaking my head, "I wouldn't want to be ... What kind of future would my baby have?"

That was yesterday's conversation.

What about the new bad news about Iran hiding its Nuclear facilities far far below the earth, and the bomb we've developed that finally can penetrate far far below the earth. So, if there's a confrontation with Iran, or North Korea (they've probably got underground Nuclear labs working away), at least we've got a threat -- a chance of stopping them, far far below the earth.

Our Massive Ordnance Penetrator (the Pentagon calls it MOP), has been tested at least once. It's a very large, precision guided, 30,000 pound "bunker buster" that can penetrate -- depending upon the thickness of the reinforced concrete wall, or rock -- 130 to 200 feet.

So, IF they ...... Then we ......

It's the conversation we heard years ago when the atomic age began, that terrified us as children, and made us ask, "Mommy, Daddy, if they -- then will we ... get killed?"

Well, Russia now has the Father of All Bombs. They developed it a couple of years ago, and tested a "Thermobaric Vacuum Bomb"-- 44 tons of TNT / 80,000 pounds.

In the picture you see a mushroom beginning to form -- not forming -- it's not deadly in the way an atomic bomb is.

The Father of All Bombs (FOAB), according to the Russian Chief of staff, will "merely evaporate all that is alive." It's four times as powerful as our MOP, which is now called MOAB, the Mother of All Bombs.

So Russia has, and has tested the most powerful, non-nuclear weapon in the world.

So, we do ... They do ... Then, we do ...

The U.S. Air Force has developed a collection of massive-sized, penetrator and blast weapons. They call it the BIG BLU collection which includes the MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst Bomb). They're working on it in Florida.

Last month, ABC News reported that the Pentagon got permission from Congress -- to shift some funding, so they can get the project done right away.

Along with other scary-named weapons -- "Earthquake Bomb," *Grand Slam Bomb," *Tallboy Bomb," "The T-12 Demolition Bomb.'

We're doing more ... they're doing more ...

And the wall of threats is rising.

The Father (FOAB) can be carried on a big bomber, and guided by GPS (Global Positioning System), and the so can the Mother MOAB. They do ... We do ....

Why did the media lay this on us today? Were they running out of terror/murder/death alerts, and figured this would get us riveted to the news all day long? This bomb stuff has been building since 2007, getting more so, accelerating since October of this year.

Why are we bringing children into the world?

What do we do? Tell our younger friends, don't have babies?

I remember how hard it was to fall asleep after Dec 7th. 1941, when we were catapulted into World War II. Now we're in two wars, with other wars looming, and the Mother of All Bombs, and the Father of All Bombs.

Wasn't there a pact, a promise, an alliance, against Nukes? Is that still around, and is that why we've got to have bigger thermo-something-or-other bombs that'll "merely evaporate all that is alive?"

Do we build a bigger MOP? Do we give up the idea that a newborn baby will become a toddler, or go to kindergarten, grade school, high school?

And just live for the moment, and don't make plans for the future?

I've been living and have a good life,, but what about my son, my daughter and their children, what about your son, and your daughter and their children?

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Carola said...

I agree with you. I worry about the future generations. But it's not just the bombs. It's climate change. They are inheriting a world that may die.

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