Friday, November 27, 2009


Picture from last week's Time Magazine.
It's frightening ... not a storm cloud.
It suggests something's in the air ... an odor, some substance, that's not usual, not normal.

A chemical from a factory? A laboratory?

Time Magazine's says "Members of the 'International Cloud Appreciation Society' are buzzing about a new kind of cloud. Known as 'undulatus asperatus,' this ominous-looking formation has been described as resembling a rolling seascape – seen from below."

The Latin words mean "turbulent undulation."

What does it portend? Warmth ?

Hey, gee -- we're on the verge of winter -- spring is months away, isn't it?

I've spent the last few weeks commentatoring -- filling my brain, eyes, ears, each day with new information -- declarations, announcements, hopeful events, and Oh-My-God, where are we heading -- blogging about "Doom," bums rush for Russ, dead M.J's "Thriller," sanitary hands, Dolphins, stripteasers, circumcision, 13 murders, blackouts, Palin, Kennett, MO., mammograms, Psalm 109, 8, 9 ...

I am turbulent, churned up, roiling underneath an infinitely beautiful, scary sky.

I am wondering ... in a whisper ... if ... could we, should we expand my blog, Em'sTalkery into a John Cullum and Emily Frankel podcast? Hmm ... what a scary, beautiful thought ...
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