Monday, January 4, 2010


Joe Wilson, the GOP congressman from South Carolina who shouted out during President Obama's health care address, "You lie!" (after Obama said the plan will not cover illegal immigrants) -- Joe's still around.

The shock he gave folks, the insulting disrespectful rudeness, still echoes. Will he be rewarded by voters, re-elected? Or will the Democratic Iraq War Veteran who ran against him in 2008, defeat him in 2010? (I'm hoping for the latter.)

Governor Mark Sanford, of South Carolina, weepy, blabbing about his love affair with the Argentinean lady -- he's still asking his friends, devoted supporters, to be understanding, and forgiving.

Will his wife forgive him? He's got things to do for the next few months, with Boeing bringing money and jobs to his constituency, but his term ends in 2010 -- the SC constitution says he can't be re-elected -- so, we may never know the end of his love story. (Goody goody!)

Rod B., the impeached ex-Governor of Illinois, who was everywhere, promoting himself, seeking jobs, stardom, tons of money, stature, on every talk-show, hair blown-dry, pouffed up, sprayed -- I haven't seen him for -- gee, two weeks?

This guy is an egocentric, invincible, semi-celeb, whom we'll remember for another year or so, while he's working on getting another guest spot on Letterman, Leno, or maybe Rachael Ray. Hmm -- maybe he'll get Connie Chung to make another comeback with him in the guest seat, and I'll have to remember how to spell Blagojevich.

What about Michael Steele, Republican National Committee chairman, who's informed us about their plans for Health Care, for handling the war, and terrorism?

Since the poor guy only earns $223,000 a year, lately, he's flying around the country (first class, all expenses paid) making speeches for $8,000 to $20,000 a pop, selling the RNC's philosophies -- annoying some of his buddies and some of us -- but yay, hurray -- he's around much less!

Adam Lambert, the sexy, indefatigable, almost-American idol, who's head-to-toe, gorgeous -- will he be knocking us out with a rock and roll beat, belting out low-down high notes -- bumping and grinding, seductively teasing everyone -- gay, or straight?

No way will this hunk quit. I'm betting we'll see him soon -- turned on, and ON all the channels, not censured -- hey-- with shouting congressmen, sinful and impeached governors, RNC jabbery nonsense, (and of course the latest batch of big-name, bed-hopping stars) Lambert is ... well, he's relatively tame.

Whatever the guy does -- it'll be interesting, unpredictable, more fun than last year's silly, ugly, nasty, mostly boring stuff.

I've got to admit -- I'm looking forward to another viewing of the almost-Idol-Adam.
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