Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't get over the crude, rude language, the distortions of Glenn Beck. Yes, I know how hard it is to get to be famous, to make it as a "name" on TV. And yes, I know it helps if you do something outrageous, or shocking, or even disgusting -- it gets folks watching you.

But I can't ascribe Glenn Beck's bad taste, and lies to, his ambition. It's the man. (I argue with myself -- hey he's human -- success means dollars for him -- do some research on his background -- maybe he has family problems and needs the money?)

I can't do it! I don't want to read about when and where he was born, and what he did as a kid -- I can't stand him.

And I feel the same way about Joe Lieberman. (See my post, "What's Wrong with Joe Lieberman," 11/15.)

I don't want to think about him or write about him. Dewayne Wickham, a black author, columnist for USA Today, says it better than I can -- "2009 has turned out to be the year of the anti-hero. It is the year in which Joe Lieberman gets my nod — cynical though it is — as "American of the Year." A Democrat of convenience, Lieberman has succeeded in doing what Benedict Arnold couldn't. In a masterful act of treachery, he retains a position of trust among the very people he betrayed."

Right on, Dewayne!

I hate Lieberman's way of stating his opinions as if his words are significant, important, and thoroughly thought out.

Well ... hate is too strong a word for such a wobbly spongy person ... I'm just XX-ing out Lieberman and that other blob, Glenn Beck out. Along with a few others I can't tolerate.

Palin (See my post, "Sarah Palin Worries Me," 11/21.) My worries about her have turned to repulsion. I can't stand the way she denigrated the work, the knowledge, the efforts of Al Gore, before and during the Copenhagen Climate Change conference -- and blatantly inaccurate, she continues to disparage what Obama's doing.

I never liked or trusted her but now -- "Palin, I'm XX-ing you out!"

Rush Limbaugh getting chest pains on his Hawaiian vacation -- yes, across my mind flickered "I hope it's a heart attack." Bad thought, for a bad, dangerously famous, blimp of guy, (See my post, "The Bum's Rush for Rush L," 11/2) -- he's against everything the White House, the Democrats are trying to do. Therefore, Limbaugh is XX-ed out.

Dick Cheney -- I couldn't stand him during the Bush years. I have a vision of him whispering in Bush's ear, but we never knew for sure what Cheney was saying, or thinking. What has been revealed is a pattern of shocking, wrong, law-breaking decisions and activities, that have hurt our country and diminished what America means and stands for, in the rest of the world.

Now, he's no longer whispering -- he's talking, attacking -- telling anyone who will listen -- (and he's got plenty of listeners in the Republican Party) -- what's wrong with every single decision, statement, or policy that Obama makes.

Will Dick Cheney ever be cited, or punished for his wrong-doings? Will he ever shut up? The headline hungry media turn to him, quote him, and publicize his declarations, as if he were still a vice president, not a bitter man, in poor health, trying to stay alive.

I'm shutting him up with my XXXXX's.

What's the point of this XX list?

It's a way of excising/cutting/trashing the deeds and words of characters who are playing roles in my life.

I haven't hurt them. The XX people on my list, are hurting me.

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