Thursday, February 11, 2010


Pets love to be petted, and talked to, and their eyes talk back to us.

They're playmates but not girl
not guy friends.

This nice obedient bikini clad dog --
I think he knows he looks silly.

They're definitely amusing.

But gee, I'm not sure they like some of the games
some of us play with them.

Don't torture them.

They can't say "ouch" or gee whiz!

Or "I don't like sand!"

This pooch doesn't look happy. I think he wants to tell you "dressing up is for humans!"

She needs a doggie snack, not that
silly outfit.

Pets are for petting, not for getting
Kiss 'em, miss 'em
if they run away, or don't want to play.
but love 'em, don't shove 'em
into clothes, that a pup knows
belong to you. Pup can't say "pooh!"
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