Sunday, February 7, 2010


These 15 pictures arrived in an email from Fran, my blog coach. Her friend and veterinarian, sent them to her (they're making the rounds on email). They were captured using a scanning electron microscope.

Red blood cells --
they look like strawberry "Cherrios!"

Split end of a human hair

Neurons (Purkinje)
100 Billion of them -- they're
masters of coordination

------->Hair Cell of the Ear

Blood vessels emerging
from the optic nerve.

------->Tongue with a taste bud.

Tooth plaque -- a picture your Dentist
ought to show you.

Blood Clot -- white flower in the center is
a whole blood cell.

Normal Aveoli of the lung's inner surface.
and a picture of lung cancer cells >.

Villi of the small intestine
help absorption of food.

-------> Human Egg with Coronal Cells, sitting on a pin.

Sperm on surface of an egg

Human Embryo and Sperm 5 days after fertilization of egg ----------->.

Colored image of a 6 day old
human embryo implanting itself
onto the wall of the womb.

The colors, the vision -- Nature's art is breathtaking!
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