Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Advertising Agencies have been researching neural response for a long time. And they've got us nervously twitching, buying lies and junk, as well as what we sort of need. But now, it seems, they're aiming at our "aural" responses

I'm not surprised, are you? After all, selling things to us television watchers is a huge large part of the 34 billion dollars-a-year business. This has been cooking, brewing, for a long time.

The fact is, I've been a borderline anti-ad, fanatical complainer for years, and even created a spliced-up mocking distortion of ads, as music for an end-of-the world choreography.

Back in the seventies, when I was choreographing it, a scientist wrote about vocalizations in gulls and pigeons being something they were studying for a University's "media communications" department -- I remember hearing about it and wondering why. Since then, there's been a rash of books about subliminal advertising, word-case recognition, how to sell, sell more, sell larger audiences -- and now newspapers, dots coms, blogs and columns are quoting a major article, that was in Time magazine last week.

Here's a video of it that I found on Yahoo -- "Why a Baby's Laugh Will Make You Buy."

So get ready for the subtle sounds of steak sizzling, a baby laughing, and other noises our bodies can't help paying attention to. They're saying we may be powerless to resist it.

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