Monday, March 1, 2010


My son was born on March lst. The morning of his birthday, (with no sense that March 1 might be a birthday) we were wakened by someone breaking the glass of the skylight that's over our bed.

Those were the days when we had a problem with an unwanted visitor -- a robber seemed to know when we were out, and had visited us twice -- each time he'd stolen a tape recorder. But there wasn't a robber on the roof. Someone from one of the tall buildings that surround ours, had knocked over a flowerpot. A piece of brown pottery and a few geranium petals told the story.

I had a big breakfast and put on my pink and white maternity dress because the weather, after a cold winter, was suddenly, unexpectedly balmy. Spring had arrived and with it, a lovely, most special, utterly, totally a memorable day.

I celebrate every year nature's wonderments. Look -- here's elk dancing, celebrating his life as I celebrate my son's!

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